About Me

Hi! My name is Vicky Avenatti, I hold a university degree in Tourism and I currently work as a university teacher. I also provide freelance services as a travel agent and adviser, as well as working as a brand content creator. Even though I have been involved in the traveling and tourism industry for more than 10 years, every time someone requests a new itinerary, I put in as much enthusiasm as if I was traveling for the first time.


In 2019, I completed a workshop on travel chronicles and I was seeking to give my job a new meaning. As a result, I decided to create, ABC de Viajar. In this website, I aim at sharing my go-to recommendations for travel destinations in Argentina and encourage more people to visit this country.


Thanks to this blog, I was able to connect with several different tourist service providers, such as hotels, travel agencies and food places.


I currently offer my services as a travel agent for people from all over the world and I also create social media content for agencies and accommodation providers.


I firmly believe that traveling is a powerful source of knowledge and opens up everyone’s mind, whether that be by getting to know diverse cultures, admiring memorable landscapes or jumping into new means of transport.